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Slurpalicious is a food delivery service that holds itself to high standards of ethical business practices that simultaneously benefit the customers, drivers, and the restaurants.

Instagram Posts - Everybody Wins

Slurpalicious, after successfully building a following for its brand in Astoria, Oregon, decided they were going to launch their service a couple hours east in Portland. They needed a social media campaign that would introduce Portlanders to a food delivery service dedicated to providing a fair deal for all parties involved. We created a series of Instagram posts that not only highlighted the emotional benefit of picking a business that better shares the pile, but also the evident satisfaction that with Slurpalicious you, your driver, and your favorite restaurant will all have a better experience.

Slurpalicious spec ad
Slurpalicous spec ad
Slurpalicious spec ad

Creative Director: Bill Hollister

Copywriters: Logan Mckenzie, Marc Velicaria, Gurleen Kaur

Art Director / Illustrator: Logan Mckenzie

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